He'd be handsomer than he is if he had better manners but life and his enemies have left him looking a little beat up, and I suppose having seen his mother (back about 1840) trying to take a bath in a wooden washtub without fully undressing left his soul a little warped. Matt Dillon Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Contact & Informations. Marshal and one of his old friends proudly stated that "I knew Matt Dillon before he was civilized!" Dillon had several loves in his life, but his life was made difficult due to his risky job, and by the emotional harm done to him by seeing many people around him be killed. Gilligan's Island was later abruptly canceled to make room to restore Gunsmoke, which had just been canceled, to the schedule at the insistence of William S. Paley's wife. In Toby Keith's 1993 number one hit, "Should've Been a Cowboy", the entire first verse concerns the relationship between Dillon and Miss Kitty. He also struggled internally with the frequent needless tragedies that his job caused him to witness. Marshal of Dodge City, Kansas, who works to preserve law and order in the western frontier of the 1870s. He’s a son of a homemaker, Mary Ellen and Paul Dillon, a sales supervisor and portrait painter. Il a à … In a 1949 audition show (or pilot) for the radio series, the character was named "Mark Dillon", but by 1952, when the regular series aired, the name had been changed to Matt Dillon. Matt Dillon is a fictional character featured on both the radio and television versions of Gunsmoke. Conrad, in particular, would continue to portray Matt on the radio series until it ended in 1961. Marshal of Dodge City, Kansas, who works to preserve law and order in the western frontier of the 1870s. Regular cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Milburn Stone (Doc), Ken Curtis (Festus), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Burt Reynolds (Quint Asper) No. He is known for his roles in multiple films, such as Dallas "Dally" Winston in The Outsiders, Jeffrey Willis in The Flamingo Kid, Bob Hughes in Drugstore Cowboy, Patrick Healy in There's Something About Mary, and Sam Lombardo in Wild Things. Matt Dillon Christina Applegate Steve Zahn: Edited by: Hughes Winborne: Distributed by: DEJ Productions: Release date. Hij werd in 2006 genomineerd voor onder meer een Academy Award en een Golden Globe voor zijn rol in … Also we can address Matt Dillon by other professions like, Film Actor & Film Director, Television Actor, Voice Artist, who works predominantly in Hollywood. Karriere als … On another occasion, Matt stated that he had once been a preacher but that "...the pay was too small to support (his) gambling habit". In both the radio and television versions, the exact nature of Matt's relationship with Kitty Russell was deliberately kept somewhat vague. PERSONAL DATA OF MATT DILLON. Matt is persistent and Kitty eventually relents, but her instincts prove correct. In the 1988 action classic, Die Hard, Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), asks John McClane (Bruce Willis) whom he is trying to imitate with his heroics, and he mentions Marshal Dillon as well as action heroes John Wayne and Rambo. He holds an … Later episodes had Pickle being less hostile to the brothers. Dillon soon after went into a rage, throwing drovers out of saloons and closing down the town. It is apparent that the incident at the dance has considerably strengthened the bond and the trust between Matt and Kitty. Genuinely hurt, Kitty abruptly leaves the dance in tears and Matt becomes uncharacteristically angry with several individuals who imply that it is improper for a U.S. Kitty was well aware that Matt was reluctant to marry because the high-risk nature of his job could have made her a widow at any time. Matthew Raymond Dillon, detto Matt (New Rochelle, 18 febbraio 1964), è un attore e regista statunitense. Dillon served as a US Marshal for several years, and he was shot no less than 56 times, knocked unconscious 29 times, stabbed thrice, and poisoned once, surviving each time. Matt's sincerity is obvious inasmuch as he himself sometimes finds that the respectable citizens of Dodge City regard him with trepidation (and even suspicion) because his job involves being "...paid to handle a bad element." In any event, they always remained devoted to one another in their own unique fashion.